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it crumbles under my feet
holding on
am not afraid to die
I don't wish for more
am ready

I can hear the bodies
falling like leaves
one by one
I can hear the cries of women
the pleas of men

Im the only one behind
I let go
following the steps of heaven
a row of them
I follow behind

I got to heaven
only to ended up selling my soul
looking for someone that didn't go
i got left behind again
looking for someone i didn't know
its a alright poem explains a dream about me dying then looking for someone who wasn't dead it was pretty dumb i died got sent to heaven however i had to go to back to find someone right after another person confessed they where in love with me but i just ignored them and looked for the person who wasn't dead
i ended up in this whole mess when a demon got into heaven sneakily he slaughtered innocent people and i saw it all so i wouldn't get killed...again i made a deal with him to send me back so i can find the person i was looking for
the worse part about this though is that my memories where fuzzy so i couldn't remember who it was i was looking for but i knew it was important anyways this sound like a crazy ass story but its true the whole dream was anyways

the first part of the dream was a earthquake a building collapsing me some friends and my family dying oddly i was not scared to die but i did listen to people dying and cries of women praying and what not yeah that was actually unpleasant to hear but anyways yeah it was strange

anyways! enjoy the poem sorry for the long ass rant XD

Looking in the glass(c)MizukiOrangey
KillerLycan101 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
y??!!! y you do such gooooodd poems! it makes ppl sad yet makes them apprishiate(dont know how to spell) life in the reality!! thank you! :iconilavplz:
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